Friday, December 23, 2011

Our 2011 Holiday Card

Happy Holidays to all!  Here is our Holiday Card this year.  Since 2009, we have done an electronic holiday card and emailed it out.  Each year, I make our card using Scrapblog.  Usually, I embed the code for scrapblog here.  This year, the website doesn't seem to be meshing well, but I was able to export the "project" as a jpeg and copy and paste it to send out to the world.  Some people think I'm lazy to do an electronic card.  Don't worry, I'm not worried about what others think.  But, just for fun, here are a few reasons I love to do our cards this way.

  1. In scrapblog, there is more freedom to work with templates, and additional pieces.  I'm not limited to the number of photos or other elements because of a plug and play card.
  2. No paper
  3. No envelope
  4. No postage
  5. Do 2-4 make me lazy?
  6. We can share our card with the world, not just a select few friends and family.  If we are connected via email, facebook, twitter, or this very blog, you've seen it (or had the opportunity to do so).  For the few who are not in the online world, we can still print a few color copies.
  7. And, for those who care to do so, they can comment, like, or respond to say hello back.
  8. Generally speaking (except for this year's glitchy snafu), by utilizing scrapblog, I have a running profile of scrapblog projects including all of our holiday cards and any fun projects I was actually able to steal a few minutes to throw together.  And that's all it really takes, a few minutes.
And, on that note...enjoy!

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