Monday, December 26, 2011

Just B You

I'm not exactly sure why, but I was enamored with this company this holiday season.  Just B. You just has great marketing.  With their cardboard-y tags and lovely expressions, I was drawn in.  The toys are predominantly plastic.  Which I am predominantly opposed to.  And yet.  I loved the colors.  I'm a sucker.  Santa read my mind (ahem) and crafted in his workshop a "H 2 Whoa".  Do you not just love the name?  I had to pull myself away from the aisle several times to not pick up a Take It Easel, but there's always that birthday coming up in July.  Most of the other items I had little difficulty walking away from.  I think I was most drawn to these two items because Cece is turning into such an artsy kiddo and I want to encourage that without her art ending up in places other than intended.  The H 2 Whoa seemed like a good Santa.  And the story behind the company and its practices is still better than most...right?

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