Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lukewarm Relationship with Santa

Cece loves Santa, from a distance, for now.  This fall, the mere mention of Santa would make Cece quiver with fear.  Enough so that we once convinced her to "hide" and "sleep" longer.  As the fall progressed to winter, she started to warm to the idea of this Santa character.  Jeff would walk with Cece in the mall.  She saw him from the second floor.  And that was just fine by her.  Earlier this week, Cece was willing to go downstairs in the elevator and get right up to the ropes.  But when asked if she'd like to go sit on his lap.  "No, thank you."  Oh, did I not mention that?  We say "No, thank you" now.  Then, she proceeded to explain to daddy that she needed to be wearing her black shoes to go and sit on Santa's lap.  So, on Tuesday night, we ventured to Tonelli's annual dinner with Santa at KV Middle School and got in the (very long) line.  As you can see, she loved it.

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