Saturday, October 30, 2010

Whirling Dervish

Cecelia is quite the whirling dervish...or tornado depending on who you ask.  Cece's aunt referred to her as a walking tornado this past week.  She got to spend a solid week observing Cece's quirky behavior as she and Cece's cousins were visiting.  Cecelia simply doesn't stop moving.  She'll squat to take a break.  But she rarely sits and stops to play with one thing.  She's always on the go and emptying drawers where'er she goes.  She also noted that Cece likes to abandon her drinking cup entirely when she is done drinking.  While she takes the time to pick up spilled snack and cleans quite well, her cup seems to be something she without.  Cecelia is also a bit...demanding...and...bossy.  Her cousins experienced this first hand this past week.  At one point, her older cousin asked why she was screaming (her way of communicating most things) and from the start decided it was just much easier to give her what she wanted.  He took to this quite well.  Her other cousin, however, disagreed (as I would also).  Cecelia decided that she would like his truck.  That moment stuck in his mind the rest of the week.  I'm just hoping he's not scarred for life by this encounter.  For the rest of the week, when Cecelia entered the same air space that he was occupying he would get very upset and either leave and go to a different room, or otherwise indicate that he had NOT forgotten the truck transgression.  And, no, he was not going to get over it.  I'm just hoping that Cecelia has learned a few more manners before her next encounter with her cousins so that, hopefully, she will not have any more faux pas such as this one.

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