Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Neutralizer

I had to look up the official name of the device used in Men In Black to erase memories of alien encounters.  While yours were not alien encounters, dear daughter...or at least I don't think addition to erasing the memory of your mom-mom, daddy was not spared either.  Upon reading yesterday's post, he commented that he had forgotten that we used to have to wear you in the sling to fall asleep and then lower you into your crib, sling and all, lifting it up over head to deposit you to (fingers crossed) continue napping.  Thank goodness you outgrew that particular preference because while you still fit quite well in the sling to ride on a hip, front, or back, you are by no means small enough to squish in there in the cradle carry that you once did.

Which reminded me of the first time I left you for an extended period of time.  Daddy wanted to have you all to himself, so while I could have brought you with me to the baby shower I went to (which I'm sure would have delighted everyone there), you stayed with Daddy instead.  At that time, Daddy wanted nothing to do with wearing the sling.  Even though I got reversible ones so that he could still look manly with the plain brown or the (better than flowers) polka dots.  But no - he said he didn't need it.  I offered to show him how it worked since you did NEED it so very often on my watch, but he was determined.  I returned home to a scene much like this one.


Do we need further explanation?

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