Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flash Updates

You may have noticed that I posted three pictures in one post...something I was trying to avoid doing.  I was also trying to post at least once a week and if possible once a day.  We all see how well that's worked out.  When I find internet I utilize it and I've learned to do a lot in a short period of time.  I find that blogging is very theraputic, but I also have so many post ideas swimming around in my head that I didn't get to.  Maybe one day.  But I'm glad to be able to better focus my time on my number 1 job.  And to update on that...Cecelia is growing like crazy, or so it seems.  She sure does seem heavier these days.  We'll find out more on that front at her one year check up, which is exactly on her birthday - so exciting!  No teeth.  Still, no teeth.  Cece uses her bumblebee walker to zip around, but we're fairly confident she's capable of taking steps on her own.  She's taken as many as 5 steps at a time for her aunt.  I've seen three.  Jeff saw the first.  Word-wise, pretty much everything is Dada, including dada himself, but not limited to: door, window, banana, cup, tv, fan, etc. etc.  So, we're waiting for the one to one association of words, but we'll still count Dada among her first.  Cece continues to nurse and will do so as long as she's interested.  Right now, there has been a recent resurgence.  We were down to two times, maybe 3 a day, but Cecelia's recently realized how to vigorously and adamantly "request" to nurse and so she does.  As for solids, she continues to be a finger foodie.  Although she's been exposed to pretty much everything in the fruit and vegetable world, she selects to eat a pretty limited diet at this point.  I know she'll eat more variety willingly one day, and she's definitely growing and eating a lot, so no worries about that at this point.  She recently developed a love of tofu hot dogs.  So, she'll most willingly eat tofu hot dogs, grapes (cut up), bananas, crackers, graham crackers, and chocoloate (zucchini) cake.  I wanted to sneak that last one in there before her birthday so that her party isn't the first cake-like food experience for her.  Don't worry, she needed no cajoling to polish that off :)  Two weeks to go!  One year went by much faster than I ever could have imagined.

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