Monday, August 18, 2008

Rocky Weather

We arrived in RMNP to sunny skies and perfect weather...for about a half hour. Which, looking on the bright side, was enough time to successfully get our tent up. There was a brief thunderstorm - just the kind that we'd been warned about. Then, that night, it started to rain...and it continued to rain for the rest of the camping portion of our trip. Combined there was a period totalling about 6 hours of non-rain. In fact, when we tried to drive up to the arctic tundra environment of the park on Trail Ridge Road, it was snowing. We stood in the midst of a August. This particular weather system prevented us from getting to the arctic tundra. Next time! All in all, the weather didn't keep us from doing much of what we had planned. Jeff was able to conquer the Suzuki boulder. We hiked to Emerald Lake and we learned...a lot...inside the visitor's centers around the park.

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