Friday, July 4, 2008

I AMsterdam

Bette and I arrived in Amsterdam at an eye popping 6 in the morning. Now, when I flew over to TZ, I adjusted to the time difference by sleeping on the plane at what would be the night time in my new destination. In order to do the same on the way home, I would have had to sleep right through our layover. Not a chance! We took the train from Schiphol airport into Amsterdam Central Station. From there, we walked the streets, ate breakfast at a coffee shop and rode the canal bus around town stopping off at the Van Gogh (pronounced goch - who knew?) Museum for an hour. Overall, I feel like we really took advantage of the time. I did have some heart failure for a few moments - when we got on the train to return to the airport at 1:30, I pulled out my boarding pass to take a look-see. The boarding time was listed as 13:31...the same time it was at that moment. That would mean we were supposed to board 2 hours prior to the take off time. I thought, this can't be possible...but what if it is? We arrived in the airport to check the departure times and our departure time was, in fact, we proceeded to our gate, where they were checking people in - only to walk through security and sit an enclosed room/terminal, where you couldn't go back out. The plane wasn't even there yet! Phew... I was just happy we weren't "those people" whose name get announced indicating that "You are delaying the flight, we will start to offload your baggage."

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