Friday, July 11, 2008


After going to the Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up page I found that they've taken the liberty to abbreviate their title. Jeff got an email indicating that we weren't yet registered. Evidently we were so gung ho to get started that we skipped all that silly registering and just got fund-raising pages instead. So, while registering we found the somewhat sobering news that we're expected as a team entry (with just two of us so far - anyone's welcome to join our team (hint, hint)) to raise $5,000. So, I changed my fundraising goal on my First Giving page from a skimpy $100 to $2500 (1/2 of $5000) and my neat-o percentage went from 70% (thank you to all those who gave already) to 3%. So sad. So, if you can, please give by clicking on my First Giving widget on the right. Thank you - and check out the video in the June postings somewhere. I do love the video.

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American Foundation for Children with AIDS said...

don't be daunted by $5k! you can do it...let me know if there is anything that i can do to help, ok? i have brochures, if you'd like and can get you videos of other children if that is of any help. all the best as you fundriase and climb for the kids, guys!