Monday, July 14, 2008

Camping at Cunningham Falls

We went camping this weekend at Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland. The waterfalls were really neat, but much to my sister's chagrin small children were slipping and sliding all over the rocks that make up the falling water's landing points. When we got back to the bottom we noted the signs banning climbing of said rocks and playing in of said waterfall. Much to my dismay, no one else was as excited as I by the prospect of going to the "Birds of Prey" show at the amphitheater in the evening. We enjoyed s'mores instead - which is definitely a good alternative. Alas a good time was had by all and we enjoyed the lake/beach on both Saturday and Sunday. We literally just beat the rain. As we were packing up our gear to go home, the skies darkened ominously. The rain chased Jeff and I home all the way as we witnessed the doppler radar on the news upon our arrival. This was like practice camping since we're going camping for a longer stretch of time come August in Colorado. Look out!

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