Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tanzania's Field Day Flag

This Tuesday, I start my class during which I'll be learning about the culture of East Africa, how to work more effectively with English Language Learner students, and traveling to Tanzania. In an effort to learn more and for my students to learn more about this country, we have selected to represent it in our field day Olympics this year. We'll be constructing Tanzania's flag to represent our team by collaging with the colors green, blue, yellow and black. Once we have created our collage flag, I will take a picture and post that as well. Let me know if you think it resembles the "real" flag well. Soon, I'll be fluent (well - a girl can dream) in Swahili and my students will be able to speak the phrases for hello, good-bye, good luck and good job in Swahili. Check out the Arusha Wiki link listed to the right to learn more about the class, including the syllabus. I'm excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity - both to travel and to learn more about how to help students in my class.

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