Sunday, May 4, 2008

Final Posting...Just Kidding!

Well, as my two classes for which this blog was created have been completed, I've been thinking about how best to utilize this space for the future and...oh, next class "International Literacy" will be traveling to Arusha, Tanzania to work with children in a community center, visit a Masai village, and go on safari. I suppose that what I'm learning in that class may also be worthwhile for some blog posting. What do you think? Perhaps my wee mee will change into some safari togs. I also plan to continue to learn more about technology and its incorporation into the classroom as well as help to educate educators about these possibilities. I am teaching three 1/2 day workshops this summer on technology integrations: Scanning, Blogging, and Podcasting. I am planning to create wiki pathfinders for each to help participants find resources both during the workshop and beyond. And...finally, I will also change my template tonight, so welcome to the new and improved Reflections!

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wangc said...

Aaaand there you are. Safari togs! Thanks for the post-course lol. I'm feeling separation anxiety already.