Thursday, April 24, 2008

Week 14 - ED 566E.1

Tonight's class offered a neat opportunity to interface with a book jobber representative from Follett through technology. Through Skype and a Microsoft program, we were able to hear an audio presentation and view the screen that the representative was manipulating as well. There are also other formats for this, but it was nice to see it in action. Bookmarking was also a good topic for inclusion in the class and I like how our professor made it understood that the method to implement this in a word document would be the same or similar to a website. I thought that was a concise and effective way to teach bookmarking. Bookmarking has implications, not only for us, but also for our students and it's important to understand how to communicate that. Finally, our group stayed after class tonight to complete our paper and work out the rough edges. We compiled our paper on a wiki and I thought it was really a successful way to use one for this assignment. We also created a link for our gaming piece through It was nice to create an image instead of borrow one. I'm really proud of our final product, how much we've all learned and how we applied it. I'm excited to present next week and enjoy two weeks off before my next class begins!

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