Friday, April 4, 2008

Week 11 - ED 566E.1

Last night, we created a conference call on Skype. Now, the trick is to convince others to Skype so I'll have someone (besides all of my fun friends and professor from class) to talk to. This is definitely something I'll get my husband on board with before I go to Africa so that hopefully I can Skype from there. And my sister is going to Chile - I'm not sure that she'll have access, but a girl can dream.

It was good to have some elements of our writing assignments, inclusive of our final project, clarified. I'm excited for my group to present our collaborative website. I think we've incorporated a lot of elements that I'm really proud of and I'm excited to incorporate similar elements into my school webpage for current applications. One of the widgets I embedded into our group webpage is a countdown to the end of school - thus ensuring that students, teachers, and parents alike will visit this homepage! I also included a poll to be used in conjunction with our "author visit" a staple of any school library program.

I'm going to attempt to include my Warhol-ized self as a component of this page from Flagrant Disregard's Flickr Page otherwise known as . Enjoy!

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