Friday, February 22, 2008

Week 6 - ED566E.1

Last night's site visit was great! I love Doris' library and its character, but it was also great to interact with the technology that she utilizes with her students. I love smartboards! It was great to have some time to interact with different databases and research tools for students. I was also really happy to use United Streaming. I met with teachers as the science coordinator over the last two weeks and with each group, I talked about the applicability of United Streaming, and promised to explore for some relevant content to our science curriculum. Now I know how! And, it's so easy. I can't wait to relay this information to the other teachers of elementary science. I feel like a better point person for this, and what better place to orient new teachers to this tool than in the school library media specialist position. I feel armed with more applicable technology tools to share. Brain Pop is great too and very user friendly. I hope that more is added to Brain Pop Jr. It seemed a little light on content, but I think it is a newer development.

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