Saturday, February 2, 2008

Week 3 - ED566E.1

In Thursday's class we discussed resources for maintaining, including journals, associations, agencies, and websites. I feel it is truly important to remain informed as a librarian as to what's new in the field. Something new to me that we discussed: RSS feeds. The concept of RSS feeds is ingenious. Having a central location where all the updates you might want to read from a blog, or news source are retrievable is helpful for many reasons. RSS feeds link directly to the night's class discussion - the feeds would help to collect articles or updates about a certain library related topic for ease of staying up to date. Personally I feel, like so many other new technologies, that people can become overly excited about this possibility and sign up for many direct feeds causing an overwhelmingly high number of articles for professional or personal reading. I know that I have signed up for services in the past, like freecycle, that became somewhat burdensome in the number of emails that I recieve. I am excited to learn more about RSS feeds and other newer technologies and how I can utilize them in the school library media center.

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