Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week 5 - ED566E.1

Well, unfortunately I cannot exactly reflect on my experiences from class because I was absent last week. The good news is that the girls I was coaching that night got 1st and 2nd at Suburban 1 Diving Championships. Districts are coming up this weekend (keep your fingers crossed). They still have my maiden name in the article, but you can see me in the background of the photograph.

So, back to class content. The article, "Consuming Information," from Library Journal was helpful in understanding some of what I missed. First information was disseminated in an effort to consolidate multiple email servers to collect your email from one account where others can be forwarded. Many friends have transferred to Gmail and I've considered transitioning as well, but for now I've stuck with my hotmail account that I've had for 9 or so years now (oh my goodness!). Part of the reason I'm reluctant to change (what a cliche) is that I'm concerned about contacting all those who might need my updated email address. This is however something to look into and something to be knowledgeable about in order to advise others in the process.

RSS, something I've been reading up on for response papers as well, is something I had always wondered about and I feel fortunate to have learned more from this class about it (thanks Calvin!). With that said, I don't think I'm finished learning. The author of the article indicated a preference to recieve his feeds via email whereas I would prefer to recieve feeds through bloglines and not overcrowd my email. If there was something that I NEEDED to recieve and be reminded of, it might be best to do so through email, because right now I'm not checking bloglines as often as I'd love to - hopefully I can incorporate this into my online routine to stay current. Likewise I would like to stay more current on current events in the news and I have difficulty with this as well.

When I read about all of Firefox's features, I realized how much I've been missing. Without proper training on new online applications like Firefox could result in disaster. I find that I sometimes "discover" such tricks, but it would be nice to formally learn them and incorporate them into normal practice.

I have found my flash drive to be an invaluable tool, but sometimes I forget to transfer files accordingly and end up with files all over the place. Similar to some of the above items, I need to organize my flash drive and other computerized filing folders.

Overall, this article was a smidge overwhelming - realizing what I didn't know I didn't know.

Bonfield, Brett. "Consuming information." Library Journal 132.17 (2007): 26-9.

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wangc said...

You are Such a brown-noser for having completed the post without attending the class.