Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yes! Yeah yeah yeah!

I know you all have missed a lot since February. Sorry. I'm here now.

This past weekend, Cece made an audible shift. On Saturday, I heard her first s sound. She has always been very responsive to questions, initially vigorously nodding or shaking her head no, migrating to very clear verbal no's (shocking, right?), and about a thousand different intonations of yeah. Think yeah as in duh, of course, yeah in a very definitive, no nonsense manner, yeah in an excited yelling tone, yeah in a building up siren fashion, etc. And this weekend, I heard a distinct and clear yes. And it made me cry a little. Since Jeff is home with Cece during the day when I am at school, he gets to experience the bulk of Cece's new developments. And he is amazing about sharing them with me. But it was special to experience this and know that it was a first. Maybe not exactly a milestone, the s sound. But it stood out to me. I'm hoping that this will lead to Cece referring to herself by her name instead of He-He. A girl can dream, right?

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