Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lock It Up

So...I learned my lesson. Finally. Unfortunately. I'll begin at the beginning. Late last week, Friday, Thursday, we got a mailing from our homeowner's association to notify us that there had been car thefts in the surrounding area and to be extra vigilant and make sure to lock your car. Do you see where I'm going with this yet? So, all my life I've been a very trusting person, maybe too trusting. But I liked being that way and believing that people were good. I (used to) leave my car unlocked frequently. Not all the time, but (obviously) more than I should have. So, on Monday morning when I got in my car I noticed that my GPS wasn't in the center console and since Jeff and I share one between our two cars I assumed (and you know what they say about assuming) that he had needed it in his car over the weekend. I had gone in my car to get my sunglasses since it was the first sunny day in what seemed like FOREVER! So, I was terribly annoyed when they weren't where I thought they had been. Hmmm, so I searched through my bag, searched through the house, etc, assuming (again) that I had misplaced them. Baby brain and all. The next morning, Tuesday, I went in my car and some granola bar wrappers that had been in a compartment were strewn about the floor of the passenger side seat and I thought huh - I didn't do that! Then it clicked. My sunglasses, GPS, and as I quickly realized, Ipod were all gone. For good. Because I was dumb. And didn't lock my car. I did a frantic inventory of other items in the car and was relieved that nothing else was missing. Of all the things that were taken, I was still most annoyed about the sunglasses. So, I learned my lesson. Finally. I promise.

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Gaby said...

Oh honey, that's just awful - I'm so sorry!! It's such a violation when your car is broken into. I remember that happening to me and I was just so mad - like who do they think they are anyway?? Those weren't YOUR things - ugh!!! Did you let the police know?