Thursday, September 17, 2009

Windy Weather

For our first trip to Sea Isle City, I had high hopes for getting Cecelia on the beach. On our first full day, it was very sunny and, as we soon found out, very windy. Jeff went down to the beach to set up the umbrella and chairs. I brought Cecelia down and we set up the Pea Pod, a mini tent which would, in theory, keep the sand and sun off of our baby girl. As I set it up, the "door" was facing the wind so when we put Cece inside, the sand came in too. Then, we tried to move the tent while on the blanket under the umbrella's full shade. As we slid everything over, it lifted off the ground, and we decided maybe not today. The rest of the week, it was not only windy, but also cold and rainy. This vacation was relaxing, but not beach-worthy. We're headed back for take two this weekend. Hopefully we'll have better luck. We did discover that when exposed to windy weather, Cecelia gasps audibly as if trying to swallow it all. It was very cute, so we kept taking her into the wind to hear it. Is that cruel?

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