Friday, September 4, 2009

Packing it ALL in

Tomorrow, we leave for our first trip away from home for any extended period of time. We're headed to Sea Isle City for a few days and packing has taken on some new meaning. While I'm sure that in years to come, when Cecelia can play with things and build sand castles, there will be even more stuff being stuffed into the car. Right now, it's more an issue of packing for weather possibilities and spit up possibilities. We're taking disposable diapers to avoid having to wash our cloth diapers while on vacation. I don't think our stash would last 4-5 days without a wash while we're there. For each day we're there, I've packed one outfit for: the beach, the house, a long sleeved outfit (for chillier weather/night walks on the boardwalk), a onesie, pj's (which can double as the long sleeved outfit if need be) and a swaddle blanket for sleeping. I'm also planning to pack ALL the bibs and burp cloths that we have. And then we'll do it all over again in two weeks. Wish us luck!

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