Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Dentures

A question we are asked quite frequently by family, friends, random passersby..."So how many teeth does she have now?"  To which we reply, "None."  Incredulous look, "None, not one, no teeth at all?"  That's correct...what do you think this is a game?  That I joke about my daughter's complete absence of teeth.  Well, I do... but not when answering a direct question for goodness sake.  

We've been expecting a tooth since, oh, four months.  That's when we were first told that a tooth was surely coming.  So, at this point, we've been waiting for a tooth as long (9 months) as we waited for a whole baby.  In reflection, when I heard that she would be getting her first tooth at 4 months, I was afraid of that situation, so looking back, it's all fine and dandy that she's going to need dentures (just kidding).  She's been able to eat everything put in front of her (that she WANTS to eat).  It hasn't hindered her ability to blow raspberries or drink from a cup, so really - what's the point of teeth anyway?  She drooled like a maniac around that four month mark, why - who knows?  The drooling stopped after she started wearing her baltic amber necklace (not saying it's a causal relationship, just saying).  

And every time I thought a tooth MUST be coming because she was acting like a lunatic, i.e. fussy, not sleeping, feverish, NOTHING happened.  NOTHING...which means, our daughter is just a lunatic sometimes.  GREAT!  For more reading on toothless babies, check out my friend, Rory's blog post on the same topic.  I really was planning to post this as well...great minds think alike!  And I figured I'd get this up before she (Cece) went ahead and got any teeth, thereby making this a far less amusing post.  I also hear that when she does get them now they'll be fast and furious.  That sounds like a really fun amusement park ride that I DON'T want to go on.  Come on, people - aren't we friends?  Why do you try to scare my pants off?  On the positive side, I hear she'll have better dental health the longer her teeth are delayed.  Well, yeah - there's a lot less chance of cavities if there are NO teeth to get the cavities.  A little obvious, no?  Sure does make for a great smile though!


Roars said...

We are SO alike... Dagny had a fever all last week and all I kept saying was "She must be getting a tooth!" Umm, not so much! Maybe Cece and Dagny can join a support group for toothless babies - they can sit around and gum everything to pieces!

Ellen Zschunke said...

They are very alike...except for that whole 8:30-8:30 sleeping thingie you guys have going on there...we have NEVER seen anything close to that. One day.