Thursday, October 30, 2008

VOTE - for real this time!

It's that time again - time to exercise your right as a citizen of the United States of America and make a difference in the way our country is run. However you choose to vote, make sure to do so...and make sure you have the facts. Don't believe information that is emailed to you from an unreliable source. Just because something is in type does not make it true. Find out the facts for yourself. A strong example - a friend of mine is running for state representative and has been the target of several personal, inflammatory, and (most importantly of all) untrue attacks. Among the underhanded tactics of his opponents - sign stealing, accusations of owning and renting low income housing, and being a "tax deadbeat." The news sources who originally printed such unfounded advertisements have since caught on and formally endorsed my friend and pulled the ads from their pages. In the meantime, the attacks and counter advertising that it necessitated cost him and his wife both money, poll points, time, and energy. I hope that the voters of Northeast Philadelphia can inform themselves and recognize the value that Brendan Boyle can add to their area if they vote for him as state representative. Brendan's record can stand alone to show the effort and passion he will bring to the job. I plan to stand up and support he and his wife, my good friend Jen, on Tuesday by assisting at a polling place. I hope that you too can stand up for a candidate that you support and get out to vote.

NOT a Tax Deadbeat Article

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