Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Reel Deal

Last night, Jeff and I attended the Premier of the Reel Rock Tour in Boulder, CO. We met a new friend in line, Corey and witnessed the line wrap around the building with a surge from the sold out crowd. The event was exciting! We met Joc (short for Jocelyn) who Jeff has been in contact with to get put on "the list" for our tickets. When they announced the winners of the contest, I started tearing up and when they showed the video, I couldn't hold the tears back. What a long journey this has been, not just making the video - but everything that Jeff and I have been through since he got GBS in October of 2006. I really felt like he deserved this and also that it will bring attention to something that not many people know about. I was/am so proud of him for doing this - it's hard to watch after having lived it, but Jeff is now at a place where he can share and (hopefully) help others cope as well. I think this could be just the beginning. Jeff explained that it was all such a blur when they announced the winners and he didn't even comprehend what they were saying. I just wanted to extend a thank you to EVERYONE out there who took some time out of their day to vote. All of the support we received - both from those we know and those we don't - means so much and shows us what a huge (and ever expanding) network of love is out there. THANK YOU!!!
(When/if I remember to take a pic of the "Rock Wall" that my kids [in class, let's not get ahead of ourselves here] made for us, I'll post that here too)

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